About Me

My name is Jessica. I am a small town girl from the Midwest. I have 3 children, a loving husband, and no pets. I am a teacher–I educate, or try to. I love literature. I love ideas. I love chocolate and exercise and feeling the sunshine on my face. I love traveling–it’s a disease really. I don’t love being a tourist; I love coming face to face with another culture and drinking it up.

All this you could figure out by my facebook profile, so who am I?

I am flawed, imperfect. I bite my nails. I have a temper. I am terribly self-conscience about my physical appearance, and having twins only made it worse. I am impatient. I am a perfectionist…to a fault. I don’t believe in myself and too often I am my worst critic. I worry that I’m failing as a parent–a lot.

I am redeemed, claimed, bought. I am a Christian who, too often, cannot rest secure with the knowledge of my salvation. I screw up all the time, but I always try to make myself better. I see the world as beautiful & heartbreaking at the same time.  I constantly try to make sense of the chaos around me, and cannot understand why others don’t pay attention.

This is who I am, and I’m learning to love it more and more every day.


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